Apart from various other specialised berry pots and grow bags, Berries For Africa now also supply Root Stimulating Pots.


The technology is based on the growing roots that are guided into the special funnel like cavities and then automatically pruned by the air due to the holes in the cavities in the pot wall, as well as the special base at the bottom of the pot. The root tip which is then dried out by air, stimulates the root to make many new side roots which is then also automatically pruned and stimulated to make even more roots in the same area. The result is a plant with a vigorous and healthy root system which then have a much greater capacity to take up water and nutrients from the smaller space allowing a higher plant density per floor area. 


We have done successful trials with various berry plants in these Root Stimulating Pots (RS Pots). Other nurseries and farmers report good results even with larger shrubs and trees such as pecan, citrus, fig, avocado and macadamia trees, by using more trees per hectare and keeping the plants shorter for easier and less expensive hand harvesting altogether combined with larger yields. 

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Examples of young berry plants grown in the RS Pots.


Another benefit is that these pots come in sheets that are tightly packed and stacked on pallets making shipping easier and less expensive. 


RS Pot wall sheets stacked on a pallet.


Each pot comes with the wall sheet, round base insert and two screws for easy assembly. 

Currently there are two sizes available; 6L and a 20L. The 6L is ideal for berry crops such as raspberry, blackberry and strawberry production and the larger 20L works well for blueberry, gooseberry and other small fruit bearing plants such as figs, citrus, grapes etc. 


Green Product

The complete pot is made from recycled material. 

The wall sheet is made from Recycled HDPE, mainly recycled milk bottles and the base from Recycled Poly Propylene. Ultra Violet protective additives are added to all materials to prolong the lifespan of the pot. The RS Pots can be re-used unlike most plastic nursery bags.


For more information, write to info@berriesforafrica.co.za