Apart from growing and supplying various types of berry plants, Berries For Africa also provides technical assistance and grower support to our berry growers. Learning of these technical skills is critical for any grower to be successful. 

The berry producer (farmer) would benefit from these training topics:

  • Variety selection
  • Soil preparation
  • Pots / Grow bags and the specific growing mediums
  • Shade net and weed-mat systems
  • Irrigation and fertilizer management
  • Pests and disease management. Organic or synthetic 
  • Pruning 
  • Harvesting, handling and packaging of fruit
  • Marketing of fruit, both locally and internationally 




Weedmat installation                            Planting 



Nutritional information                                                  Irrigation and fertilizer management 





Quality control 


Telephonic and on-site support




For enquiries about berry plant material or training, contact us at info@berriesforafrica.co.za