Alternative berry crops


Apart from the very popular berries such as blueberries, blackberries, raspberries, goji berries and gooseberries, there is also a growing demand for other berry types. Amongst others, the aronia berry, currants and sea buckthorn are being used in more products such as pulps, juices, powders, processed foods, medicinal and beauty products. 

Companies such as Euroberry in the Western Cape, trade in processed foods including red currants, black currants, aronia berries, blackberries, blueberries, cranberries and raspberry products. When purchasing berry plants from Berries For Africa, you will also benefit from our network of other potential local and international agents, marketers and buyers. We have compiled a list of more than 40 of the specific contact persons (buyers) for various berry types that we can freely share with our berry producers. Here is a list just to name a few. 


C-Fruit (Cape Town)

Dappar (Jhb)

Pure Legacy (Cape Town)

FruitWorks (Cape Town)

Delecta Fruit (Cape Town)

Freshmark (Shoprite / Checkers) (Africa)

Kinobe Groupe (The Netherlands)

Jessen Fruits (Germany)

Limax Group (Poland)

Del Monte Foods (UAE)

IPL Ltd (United Kingdom)

Al Hazmi Fruit Exporters (Dubai)

.. (Mauritius)

.. (USA)

.. (Morocco)

.. (Spain) etc.

Berries For Africa has successfully tested new varieties of these new, niche and upcoming berries in some of the moderate to cold areas in South Africa. Below are a few examples of these farmers. 



Aronia berry field in Lydenburg, SA

pastedGraphic_1.png  pastedGraphic_2.png



Goji berry field